It's Christmas and Santa needs your help! Deliver presents to all the nice children to recieve rewards and points. Play in “Easy” mode to learn how the game works and nice mode to test gift-giving skills across town and through caves, over bridges, around birds and with a little bit of help from the occasional mince-pie and carrot.

Poor Santa is sad though. He doesn’t know what to do about all the naughty children. The elves want to help Santa and decide that delivering a big dose of reindeer poop will teach the naughty kids to be nice instead!

This game has been built by TBC Digital. We are a small app agency and games studio based in the UK. The setting for the game is Bewdley, Worcestershire where we are based and all the houses are inspired by real buildings in the town.

We hope you enjoy our game and if you would like to know more about us please visit our website at